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1969 Fastback Engine: 351W, 1200 Miles, Color: Acapulco Blue with Mostly Black interior Location: Pipestone, MN

1969 Mastang Mach 1 with Cobra Jet Shaker Hood. 
Automatic, Acapulco blue, 351W bored .030, Keith 
Black Pistons, forged rods, Edelbrock RPM heads, 
intake, timing chain and water pump. Comp Cam, 
Miloden Oil Pump and oil pan. Steel Crank w/polished 
and chamfored oil passages, 120 amp alternator. 
Complete MSD 6AL ignition with distributor. C4 Auto 
Transmission with manual valve body (Racing Kit 
Installed), TCI 2800 Stall Converter. Racing 
suspension installed. Just had it taken out on the I-90 drag strip after they had a 
Sioux falls concrete cutting company come to the track. Ran like a dream.
Email me or call for more 
details. ( (770 518-6272) ask for 

Price: $29,900.00 Serious Inquires Only

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